Can You Smell Your Own Tooth Decay?

Jokes aside, decaying bacteria can give off a very unpleasant smell. When a cavity forms, this buildup of bacteria in the mouth can cause teeth and breath to smell bad. People who have untreated periodontal disease may also experience bad breath. Tooth decay can cause an odor, but only if the cavity is large enough to cause a hole in the tooth.

The smell is the result of the fermentation of food in the hole and of bacteria producing volatile sulfur compounds as a by-product. A tooth can start to smell bad for a number of reasons, but the most common cause is tooth decay. When bacteria in the mouth begin to feed on the tooth, they emit an odor and the tooth smells bad. Over time, this bacteria builds up on the teeth, feeds on plaque and food particles in the mouth, and eventually begins to wear down tooth enamel.

As the dental matter deteriorates, it will start to smell really bad. If left untreated, the tooth becomes brittle and can crack, chip, or even break. Many people with cavities have fresh breath, but Dr. adds that the only way to really know the condition of their teeth is to have a professional x-ray, since some cavities are so small and hidden that they can only be detected with these diagnostic tools.The only way to get rid of the smell of rotting teeth is to perform a decay filling procedure with your dentist.

Whatever that rotting food smells like is probably very close to what a rotting tooth would smell like. The smell of tooth decay is the result of a combination of fermented foods and volatile sulfur compounds produced by bacteria. Oddly enough, just as you can smell the smell of rotting fruit, you can smell the smell of a rotting tooth.Unfortunately, home remedies cannot correct the smell of rotting teeth because they cannot eliminate tooth decay. However, home remedies can help you temporarily mask the smell, such as making your breath smell fresher.

And, boy, there are a lot like the time Kim Kardashian stated that she could smell when someone has a tooth decay. However, it still wouldn't fix the problem permanently because the source of the smell comes from the rotting tooth.Since the smell of tooth decay is the result of bacterial activity and the fermentation of food, it would basically smell like something was rotting. Usually, when a tooth starts to smell enough for you to notice, it's in a more advanced stage of decay. Depending on what your diet is made up of, tooth decay will smell like the rotten version of your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.The board-certified oral surgeons at Oral & Facial Surgery of Utah can help if you have mild dental pain or an advanced rotting tooth that gives off an odor.

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