Does a fatty liver cause bad breath?

A sick liver Even if you never drink alcohol, your liver may be responsible for bad breath, especially first thing in the morning. If your diet isn't perfect and you have some extra weight around your abdomen, you most likely have a fatty liver. The hepatic fetus occurs when the breath smells strong and musty. It's a sign that the liver is having trouble filtering out toxic substances, usually due to serious liver disease.

As a result, sulphurous substances end up in the bloodstream and can reach the lungs. When you breathe out, these substances give your breath a distinctive smell. In fact, it's been known for centuries that people with advanced liver disease have a particular smell in their breath, said Dr. Margaret O'Hara.

The smell of breath is common after eating certain foods or in the morning, but in people with fatty liver conditions, it lasts throughout the day.

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